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Services Agreement

Typically, it takes 2 to 3 business days to complete an estimate once you agree to the provided quote and complete the payment process. However, depending on the project’s scale and complexity, this timeframe might extend by a few hours to days.

Payment Policy

We use online Payments that allow us to comfortably make payments using a Credit Card, Debit Card, or PayPal. Once we receive your plans and go through the project details, we’ll send you an invoice from along with the estimated delivery date. To make a payment, you can use your mobile, desktop, or contact us at (718) 719-2009 | info@constructem.com

Bidding Policy

Constructem LLC is not responsible if a Contractor fails to submit their bid in time. After the estimate has been delivered, no refunds will be issued. Cancellations are eligible for a refund only if made within 2 hours of making the payment. Beyond this period, our team begins work on the project, and refunds are not possible.

Clients who wish to keep their provided information confidential should notify us. We can then draft a Non-Disclosure Agreement to be mutually agreed upon. In the absence of such a request, Constructem LLC reserves the right to use the provided information for marketing purposes, such as in testimonials. This may include the client’s name, company details, project information, estimated costs, and drawing plans.

Use of Information

1) By providing your contact information, such as phone number, you agree to START receiving text messages for Constructem. These messages are meant to share marketing updates, new promotions, or policy updates and will only receive messages from Constructem.
2) By choosing to opt in for our text messages, you agree to receive up to 3 messages per month from Constructem.
3) We ensure that your opt-in message flow complies with local and global regulations, such as the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) in the United States.
4) After you opt-in for the messages, we send you a confirmation message to reiterate the terms and conditions, confirm our subscription, and contact information for support or questions.
5) Message & data rates may apply. Message frequency varies.
6) Please reply STOP to the text message to unsubscribe.

Message & data rates may apply. Message frequency varies.

Please reply STOP to the text message to unsubscribe.

Pricing Policy

We do not provide additional insurance, financial guarantees, or warranties, as our estimates are intended only as guidelines for final pricing and should not be considered as the final cost. We use RSMeans for zip code-specific material and labor costs, but be aware that prices may vary based on different contractors, regions, and vendors. We are always ready to assist with any revisions, clarifications, or queries to help you finalize your pricing.