Have Any Question for Cost Estimation? We Have All the Answers.

What Types of Estimates Do Construct’em Provides?

Our expertise includes estimating services for residential, commercial & industrial projects. The process encompasses new construction, remodeling, renovation, skyscrapers, multifamily, retail, wastewater treatment plants, highway, bridges, cogeneration plants, warehouses, and others.

Whom Do You Deal With?

We deal with everybody but majorly contractors, subcontractors, architects, real estate developers, lenders, appraisers, and owners.

How Do You Estimate Prices? Do You Use Any Software?

We have dedicated cost estimation techniques for which we use different databases, such as RSmeans, national cost estimator by craftsmen (for zip-code-based pricing), and others. Consequently, our clients can bid competitively with accurate data.

Do You Provide The Same Estimate To All Clients/Projects?

No! Cost estimation does not work like that. Each project has different complexities and requirements. Plus, depending on the project scale, price estimation varies. So, it is never a set figure for all projects.

How Much Does It Cost for Material Takeoffs?

As mentioned above, each project is different in terms of size and scope. Team Construct’em can offer a review after checking out your plans and designs. That’s why we offer custom services.

Do You Offer Hourly Rates for Your Estimation & Consultation?

Generally, we charge on a per-project basis. However, once you share your project details with us, we can guide you better and may even work as per the hourly rate.

Do You Bind Your Clients with Contracts?

No! There are no binding agreements for our clients. It all depends on the project scale.

How Do You Use and Protect Information?

We only use your information for a better customer experience and never share your information with any third party.

Which Trades Do You Deal In?

Construct’em deals with all CSI divisions and offers services in civil, structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, roofing, flooring, thermal and moisture protection, and other detailed estimates.

Looking to Discuss Your Project Cost?

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